Ultimate Love Potion #30 Bronzer 11oz

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Experience the revolutionary Magni-Bronze 30, exclusive mega-dark magnifying ingredients, tanning amplifiers and 30 bronzing ingredients for a breathtaking, mesmerizing, dark tan! For the indiscriminating tanner. Love, an intense emotional attachment...the object of deep or intense, affection or attraction, unparalleled in performance and power.

  • A strong predilection or enthusiasm.
  • Exclusive Magna-Bronze 30 Formula
  • Butternut Walnut Extract, Black Walnut Extract, Caramel,
  • Henna Extract, Erythrulose, DHA and Proprietary blends
  • BioTanning, Melanogen, Tan-Accel Plus, Tyrosine Complex,
  • Unipertan and Carrot Seed Oil
  • Silky Smooth Silicone Infusion Delivery System