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LA Tan Airbrush Ultra Dark Spray Tan 10oz

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This is an Ultra Dark Airbrush perfect for home. Advanced formulation makes this product the perfect one for face and body as it delivers instant and true tan color. This excellent product dries in seconds and deepens in hours for an even golden tan. You and use it often, anywhere and often as it is self-tanning perfection without the sun. May be use for blending in shadowed areas or white areas from your tanning sessions. You have to decide if you need an all over tan and how dark you want to be. Either way this is the product for perfection. 

  • Rich Dark Sunless Spray.
  • Easy To Apply.
  • Deepens Over Several Hours.
  • Powerful Acai Berry extract for healthy looking vibrance.
  • Biotanning complex for a rich dark lasting color. 
  • Anti-Aging Complex.