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Designer Skin Black Legacy Tan Extender 16oz

Designer Skin

Designer Skin Black Legacy Tan Extender 16oz

$ 19.50

Countless imitators have come and gone, but a legacy is never forgotten. So make your mark on the world and impart the ultimate, long lasting bronze legacy with the breakthrough technology in this legendary Tan Extender. Push your color past its darkest tanning potential with a touch of DHA while Silicone locks in flawless color, leaving your skin infinitely renewed and sophisticated. Awaken your passion for tanning perfection. What will your legacy be?

  • Promote a sun-kissed glow and prolonged color with a hint of DHA
  • Saturate your skin with Borage Oil and luxurious conditioners that renew and hydrate for a superior feel
  • Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion provides maximum hydration and protection while imparting skin with a velvety soft finish to leave skin looking as good as it feels
  • Exotic Tropical Citrus Fragrance blends with ATO Inhibitors to provide sheer coverage for long lasting freshness
  • Fragrance: Exotic Tropical Citrus

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