Indoor Tanning How To Guide

Tanning How ToChoosing The Right Tanning Bed

Your attendant should be able to help you identify your skin type and where you should start. If you are just starting out, you will most likely choose a basic tanning bed and start with a short time, perhaps 5 minutes. You will gradually increase this as you go. For more advanced tanners there are stronger beds for getting past plateaus.

Picking An Indoor Tanning Lotion

This is where we can help. Some salons work diligently to help you find the right lotion for your skin type and base tan. You may also run into a sales person who is trying to make a commission by selling you more of a lotion than you are ready for. Choosing a lotion also involves your preferences. You may like bronzers or sunless ingredients for instant color or you may wish to avoid them. If you haven't tried a tingle lotion, this is something to be aware of before you try one. We will always help you find the perfect lotion for you before you order. Check Out Our Top 12 Tanning Lotions

Using Proper Tanning Goggles

Always protect your eyes. Always use proper tanning goggles. Closing your eyes will not block the UV rays sufficiently so you need to wear approved tanning eye-wear to avoid damage to your eyes. Long term damage to your eyes is cumulative and irreversible. A simple pair of goggles can avoid that entirely. Sunnies Evo Tanning Goggles Are Comfortable & Flexible.


Moisturized, healthy skin tans easier. Using a moisturizer for tanners in place of your daily moisturizer will prime your skin and have it ready for optimal tanning results when you go in. We carry a full selection of Moisturizers for Tanners that include a small amount of accelerator and other ingredients to give your tan a boost.

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