Coconut Oil's Many Healthful Benefits...

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Coconut Oil's Many Healthful Benefits...

We love Coconut Oil at Moisturizers & More because of it’s natural healthful qualities and benefits for the skin and hair and it’s rich history. In this video Dr. Mercola speaks about the healthful benefits of eating it in your diet.

Coconut Oils are wonderful for cooking in place of less healthy oils. Brands such as Nutiva produce high quality products for use in the kitchen. Coconut Milk is sold in most stores now and is a very popular replacement for milk on cereal and in recipes. I like to use it with my protein drinks in the morning. Coconut Water is sold in cans and can be taken straight or mixed in drinks and recipes.


Not only is Coconut Oil amazing as a food, it's also amazing for your skin and hair. Moisturizers & More carries a large selection of Coconut Oil Hair & Skin Care products.

Let us know below how you use Coconut Oil!

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